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A smart security system, some secrets, and a stalker...

There’s a stranger—or two—in town, putting retired spy Irma Abercrombie even more on edge than usual. She still hasn't tracked down Igor Ivanovitch, the gun-for-hire who escaped his jail cell earlier in the summer. And after things go south at a banquet to celebrate Snookie Smith's recent gardening triumphs, the blame looks like it’s going to be cast at Irma's feet.

When one of those out-of-towners is found dead on a lonely stretch of Beaver Island road, Violet thinks she’s off the hook, investigation-wise, when there’s no technology connection. But after she discovers that a newly engaged friend is on the island for a month-long sojourn, things get a bit stickier. Her buddy is gearing up for a bash to celebrate her impending nuptials, but what if a stalker has followed the bride-to-be to Beaver Island?

After some excitement on the island ferry knocks Irma for a loop, Violet has to pinch hit for her on a mini mission that almost lands her in the slammer. And as a looming confrontation approaches, Violet isn’t sure who to trust…or where to find safe harbour.

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A floating palace, an unruly appliance, and a killer on the loose...

When one of Irma's friends asks for help vetting a potential suitor, she’s sure that a little digging into his past will do the trick. But when Irma discovers that a robotic appliance might be on a rampage in the almost-beau’s swanky houseboat community, she sets out to entice Violet into unravelling another technology snafu.

It takes some doing to properly motivate Violet, and even worse, a strange young man has been skulking around Irma’s house, alarming her furry sidekick, Mr. P. On top of that, there's a new sheriff in town who's been raising Irma's hackles—along with her curiosity about what’s happened to Chief Pickle.

Then, after a loved one is injured and a friend's son is arrested for murder, Irma has to confront her idea of family - and what she's willing to do to protect hers. Will she and her crime-fighting companions join forces to find a killer...or die trying?

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Just This Once — A Humorous Irma Abercrombie Thriller

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